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Mercenary's Hangout #2 - Massey Security & Intelligence

Resource Sheet (REDACTED for plot purposes)

A. Sponsorship: REDACTED

B. Outfits: Specialty Clothing (20 points)

C. Equipment: REDACTED

D. Vehicles: Fleet (10 points)

E. Weapons: Advanced Weaponry (20 points)

F. Communications: Full Range System (15 points)

G. Internal Security: REDACTED

H. Permanent Base: REDACTED

I. Intelligence Resources: REDACTED

J. Special Budget: Large Loans (25 points)

K. General Alignment: Miscreant & Abberant (0 points)

L. Criminal Activity: Cyber-Doc (10 points)

M. Reputation/Credentials: Known (10 points)

N. Salary: Good (10 points)

Total Points Spent: REDACTED

Size and Orientation: Free Company (approx. 300 pers)


  • Company Founder and Commander. Felix Massey (10th level Rogue Scholar)

  • Chief Medical Officer. Robert “Doc” Tremblay (7th level Body Fixer)

  • Cyber-Doc. Josianne “Ripper” Gagnon (7th level Cyber-Doc)

  • OIC Heavy Squadron. Carlos Evans (8th level Robot Pilot – Power Armour MOS)

  • OIC Intelligence Ops. Wayne Baldwin (9th level ISS Intel Spectre)

  • OIC Patrol Ops. Noah King (8th level Military Specialist)


Headquarters (54 pers). The nucleus of MSI, they deliver on the vision, through to those that see it turned into action. These are the heart of the HQ.

  • Felix Massey (10th level Rogue Scholar)

  • Gemini (9th level Master Assassin), bodyguard to Felix

  • 8 additional Adventurers and Men-at-Arms (level 5-8 each)

Internal Security Section (26 pers). Trusted veterans that have earned their positions, they are used to augment or backfill vacancies in supporting contracts for Conventional or Patrol Operations. Those not on leave or filling vacancies form three active squads of six personnel.

  • Garrison Officer (6th level Headhunter Techno-Warrior)

  • 12 Personnel of Note: 2 Juicers, 3 Cyborgs (all full conversions), 4 CS SAMAS pilots, 2 Robot Pilots (PA MOS), 1 Psi-Nullifier (levels 3-5 each)

  • 14 additional Men-at-Arms (levels 3-5 each)

Medical Troupe (8 pers)

  • Robert “Doc” Tremblay (7th level Body Fixer)

  • Josianne “Ripper” Gagnon (7th level Cyber-Doc)

  • 4 nurses and 2 paramedics

Communications Troupe (10 pers)

  • Signals Officer (5th level CS Technical Officer – Communications MOS)

  • Signals Sergeant (5th level Psi-Tech)

  • 8 Signallers (CS Technical Officers, Operators, etc., level 3-4)


The spear tip of MSI, these mercenaries operate outside the compound and conducting the majority of contracts. They are combatants and adventurers that form small groups up to platoon level as required.

Heavy Squadron. The heaviest jobs that require the most devastating firepower and a show of presence.

  • Carlos Evans (8th level Robot Pilot – Power Armour MOS)

  • 16-20 other RPA and PA pilots (levels 3-5)

Conventional Operations. Primarily used in operations that require formed groups of section to platoon, these operatives have formed a uniquely cohesive group. Noah retains a surprising amount of authority on who he allows to join his operation. As such, there are absolutely no Crazies (can’t trust them) or D-Bees (limits the buy-in from potential clients), but he has allowed limited magic/psionic OCCs.

  • Noah King (8th level Military Specialist)

  • 10 Personnel of Note: 2 City Rats (twins, levels 6 each), 1 Rogue Scholar (level 8), 2 Cyber-Knights (levels 5 each), 1 Ley Line Walker (level 5), 1 Cyborg (full conversion, level 5), 1 FQ Grunt (level 6), 1 Dog Boy “Abraham” (run away from CS, level 5), 1 Preacher (level 5)

  • 14 other primarily Men-at-Arms and some Adventurers (levels 3-4 each)

Intelligence Operations. The bread and butter of MSI, the intelligence operatives that work for this group are kept secret even from most others in the company. They form the network of informants and spies MSI leverages to obtain their contracts or better their position with their clients.

  • Wayne Baldwin (9th level ISS Intel Spectre)

  • A number of spies and informants (Shhhh.... it's a secret.)

Patrol Operations. A relatively robust part of the MSI operations are the patrols and limited conventional missions that require smaller groups to accomplish. Most contracts and missions are limited in duration and distance due to their size (typically 4-6 pers).

  • Noah King (8th level FQ Military Specialist)

  • Micheline “Duke” Leduc (Protagonist, Wilderness Scout)

  • 6 Personnel of Note: 1 Juicer (level 6), 1 Psi-Slinger (level 5), 1 Headhunter (partial conversion, 6th level), 2 Wilderness Scouts (siblings, 7th and 5th level each).

  • 16-20 other Men-at-Arms and Adventurers (levels 2-5 each)


Technical Services (128 pers). The bulk of personnel at MSI’s complex, they are the silent force that supports the company. Repairing and maintaining vehicles, weapons and equipment, as well as securing and completing contracts, they are mostly human non-combatants (mechanics, maintenance personnel and merchants/suppliers); just under 15% are D-Bees. Predominantly non-adventuring O.C.C.’s (levels 2-5); about 40% have combat training (HTH: Basic and 1-4 W.P.s) but are not paid to fight, although they will defend themselves if required. A few notable groups:

Smuggling Ops (14 pers)

  • Chantal Davis (7th level City Rat)

  • 13 additional personnel (Smugglers, Vagabonds, Scouts, Pirates, Bandits, levels 2-5)

Contracting (7 pers)

  • Xavier Levesque (6th level Professional Gambler)

  • 6 additional personnel Adventurer O.C.C.s (levels 2-4)


Standard Issue Weapons

  • Armour: Bushman Composite EBA Armour (in company colours)

  • Rifle: Wilk’s 457 Laser Pulse Rifle or L-20 Pulse Rifle

  • Pistol: FQ pistol (Q-101 or Q-102)

  • Field Kit: Field rucksack with flashlight, compass, sleeping bag, field tent (one man pop-up), short-range radio, foodstuffs, survival knife and other basic equipment.

Transport Vehicles. Due to the nature of the contracts they specialize in and a permanent base near a major urban center, MSI has a fleet of vehicles to support their needs.

  • A dozen hovercycles (6 x NG-300 Speedster)

  • 6 Big Boss ATVs (electric)

  • 2 Mountaineer ATVs (electric)

  • 20 S.D.C. jeeps, trucks and busses

Combat Vehicles. Typically all found under the Heavy Squadron or Internal Security.

  • 2 QR-1 Enforcer Combat Robots (Heavy Squadron)

  • 1 USA-G10 Glitter Boy Power Armour (Heavy Squadron)

  • 4 Flying Titan Power Armour

  • 4 NG-EX10 Gladius Light Power Armour (Internal Security)

  • 4 NG 424 Hornet Hovercycles equipped with NG-HPART particle beam weapons

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