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Greetings Scholars and Adventurers!

An aspiring author, table-top gamer (Warhammer 40k), paper-and-pen gamer (Palladium games, Pathfinder), and all around fan of all things science fiction (Star Wars, Ghost in the Shell, Battlestar Gallactica, The Expanse) and fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Shannara series, Dark Tower series).


The Palladium Books Rifts RPG was the first game I started out as a GM, and have been building stories for this wondrous, fictional world ever since. I liked the setting so much that, during my undergraduate degree, I wrote and submitted the manuscript for what would become World Book 22: Free Quebec. Most recently, my short story A Scout's Honour was features in Rifter 85.

Despite actually being a senior infantry officer currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, there is no way I could pull off the horseshoe moustache in that image.


Thanks for submitting!

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