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Mercenary's Hangout #1 - Intro to Massey Security & Intelligence


MSI Company Logo

Background. Established by Felix Massey over twenty years ago, he translated his skillset and interests into a niche market for mercenary operations. Specializing in surveillance and infiltration, they are regional experts in small-unit tactics in support of covert operations and larger conventional military formations. Whereas other mercenary companies rely primarily on overwhelming firepower, MSI teams rely on stealth, misdirection and skill. Known throughout the region as the premier frontier mercenary group, they have operations that range from Free Quebec as far as Iron heart, Lazlo, Ishpeming (Northern Gun), Manistique and down into the wild expanse of New England and Atlantic coastline approaching the Magic Zone.

Comparatively small for a mercenary company, they appear even more so when deployed. Expecting large groups of roughnecks, most are surprised many when only five to ten people arrive. Rarely does the company engage in anything larger than platoon-sized operations. Although equipped and trained to do so if necessary, MSI teams are not normally employed to conduct conventional combat operations against enemy formations or city-states. Often sub-contracted to a larger organization, they are respected teams of Adventurers and Men-at-Arms that are “value for the money.”

MSI’s base of operations lies on the outskirts of the Mechanicsville, at the site of the old industrial complex in Acton Vale (Carrière D’Acton Vale Lte). Proximity to Mechanicsville provides a relatively safe harbor to relax, as well as a great place to interact with other mercenaries and engage in some practical drills applicable to the corporate specialty.

Tactics. MSI teams are primarily designed and trained to work as small detachments performing surveillance and intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and limited combat patrols, as well as surgical strikes and operations in depth behind enemy lines. Typically missions call for small units in order to provide an invaluable force multiplier. Surprise, infiltration and guerrilla tactics are their forte: bridge demolition, supply point disruption, surgical strikes, extraction/insertion, and assassination.

Company Colours. A simple vertical rectangle with a grey upper and navy blue lower portion is divided by a diagonal white line. A capital M in white font rests within the upper portion, while the internal squad assignment is located in the bottom blue portion. Company fatigues are mottled blue-white-black with a company logo shoulder patch.

Armour has a monochrome mottled effect; left shoulder pads have a subdued version of the company logo; the blue portion becomes black, the white band and “M” are grey.

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