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GM Field Guide #17: OCC Overview Index


The idea of this series of posts was to provide both Players and GMs an overview of the class features, along with discussion points on how to employ them within the context of the group’s gaming style and varying power levels. This could be viewed from the perspective of a Player looking to choose a Player Character, or the GM searching for something to leverage as a Non-Player Character (NPC). Either way, it the catalogue of posts has become weighty enough to merit its own omnibus post, just like GM Field Guide #4: Baseline Publications for New GMs, and GM Field Guide #16: Player Immersion and Engagement.



  • Crazies (The Bazaar #16). Covert assassins with cranial implants that make the brain process information and control the body in ways comparable to the Juicer. Direct stimuli to the brain often comes with some unfortunate side effects that are often difficult for Players to realize without becoming a comedic (sometime disruptive) agent to the group.

  • Cyber-Knight. Forthcoming.

  • Glitter Boy (The Bazaar #13). One of the most iconic character classes in the Rifts portfolio. Piloting the fearsome Glitter Boy power armor, they do present some challenges to the GM in balancing out the remainder of the party. They sure are a blast to play though (pun intended).

  • Headhunter. Forthcoming.

  • Juicer (The Bazaar #11). Leveraging chemical enhancements to create a super-soldier, pushing the body to limits evolution never intended. Basically, a super ninja warrior, this iconic class pits a regular human against the predations of monsters and supernatural enemies.

  • Merc Soldier. Forthcoming.

  • Robot Pilot. Forthcoming.


  • Body Fixer (The Bazaar #40). One of the more cerebral and skill focused characters in Rifts. Acclaimed heroes and do-gooders, much less xenophobic than others in terms of applying their tradecraft. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be on the good side of the only doctor for hundreds of miles?

  • City Rat (The Bazaar #42). Your thug, computer hacker, gang member, or survivalist, you can take your pick. A relatively niche class that does best in major urban centers, among the alleys and the grimy underbelly. Has some limitations away from their home turf and one of the few O.C.C.s with rules for changing classes.

  • Cyber-Doc. Forthcoming.

  • Operator (The Bazaar #29). Where technology is seen as the saving grace for humanity, this class certainly has a role; it’s not as a front-line combat character. Wandering tool benders and mercenary repairmen, the provide a very technical skill set.

  • Rogue Scholar. Forthcoming.

  • Rogue Scientist. Forthcoming.

  • Wilderness Scout (The Bazaar #14). One of the few classes geared for the vast wilderness spaces between the few city-states and remote communities. Often a very self-reliant character, they bring a deep skill range to the group. A personal favorite.

  • Vagabond. Forthcoming.


  • Elemental Fusionist. Forthcoming.

  • Ley Line Walker (The Bazaar #12). Your mage class for Rifts, capable of casting a wide variety of spells from a massive store of P.P.E. A fearsome powerhouse near any ley line or rifts.

  • Mystic (The Bazaar #43). An oddity in that they tap into both magic and psionics, making them a bit of a generalist in a game of specialists. They are the literal Swiss Army Knife of O.C.C.s making them almost always have something to contribute

  • Shifter (The Bazaar #31). A character that specializes dimension travel, summoning/controlling supernatural beings, and in controlling the very rifts that erupted and spewed forth the monsters that threaten humanity. A bit of a unique approach and specialization to their magical powers.

  • Techno-Wizards. Forthcoming.


  • Burster. Forthcoming.

  • Dog Boy (The Bazaar #46). A product of Coalition genetic manipulation, these fearsome and loyal warriors, typically played as escapees provide the Player and GM some great role-playing possibilities. The O.C.C. itself uses several fun tables to determine what breed of dog and special abilities their genetics may have untapped.

  • Mind Melter (The Bazaar #23). The most powerful psychic character available. With access to all psychic powers (including Super Psionics), some have direct benefits, while others are more nuanced. Can be a very impactful Player Character.

  • Psi-Stalker. Forthcoming.

  • Dragon Hatchling (The Bazaar #21). What other game allows you play an actual dragon as a Player Character? This non-human powerhouse leverages high M.D.C. and great spell casting abilities, tempered by few skills, and some in-game limitations to where you can take the party (e.g. Coalition States).


  • Coalition Grunt (The Bazaar #28). Your baseline infantry soldier that fights for the Coalition. Your basic, nameless dredge for a military machine with a very limited world view. Can provide Players/GM with some great adventure ideas, but otherwise just your run-of-the-mill soldier.

  • Coalition Elite RPA Pilot. Forthcoming.

  • Coalition Technical Officer. Forthcoming.

  • Coalition Military Specialist (The Bazaar #45). This Coalition States officer is tailored for espionage and reconnaissance. Providing a wider variety of skills than the more combat focused Commandos, it allows for a competent warrior that can pass itself off as a mercenary for some great role-playing opportunities, or as an NPC. A personal favorite.


The culmination of a series of posts, I've collected together in one post in order to provide GMs and Players a single source link to find all of them together. There are still a few reviews to occur, but this article will be updated as further O.C.C. Overviews are posted. For now though, I leave this here for newer Players to get a bit of an idea of the breadth of baseline Classes available in the Rifts Ultimate Edition, and an indication on how they fit within the system overall.

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